Fancy some quality time together ? We offer modules to put together, in the pre and post-season, your ideal holiday. The modules consist of ecological, creative and educational activities for all ages. The workshops are designed for groups of minimum 4 and maximum 8 people. Madelinde, experienced special education teacher with a master's degree in intercultural communication, supervises the workshops.

The following adventures are on offer :

Woolly days : 1.5-hour workshops
-Experiencing the sheep up close, 
-Getting to know wool 
-Dyeing wool 
-Needle felting
-Wet felting 
-Initiation into spinning 
-Making a fun pillow filled with sheep's wool 

 Eat naturally: 3-hour workshops
-Wild edible plants:  recognizing, picking and preparing 
- Bread oven:Stoking and cooking in the 19th centure breadoven
- Vegetable garden Taking a closer look at the kitchen gardens, preparing and tasting greens from the kitchen garden 
- Chestnuts: Recognising, collecting and preparing chestnuts, with trip to a unique chestnut processing workshop
- Walnuts: Recognising, collecting and preparing walnuts. With self-pressing of walnut oil 1.5 h

Dark nights : 1,5h-workshop
- Learning about the importance of dark nights 
- Walking in nature in the dark and listening to the animals of the night (red deer calling, the diversity of moths etc according to the season) 

Building huts : 3 hour workshop 
Build a hut together on the field or in the forest with the materials around us 

-Hot tub : Fire up the hot tub and then relax in the sauna and/or hot tub 

Workshop 1,5 h                         10€ p.p. 
Workshop 3 h                           15€ p.p. 
Sauna 2h                                   20€
hot tub per evening               20€