Hiking or cycling

Walking trails in Limousin
Numerous trails for walking or mountain biking surround La Jaurie. You can go for walks in the woods and along the fields leaving directly from the campsite.

Several circuits are marked.
First a very small circle of 1.5 km with explanatory panels along the way.
To go a little further there is a 3.5 km long circuit. It is accessible to all ages. Halfway there you will find a hidden treasure in high season.
Or walk the elephant tour, with a view of #elephanthaven. It is a 4.5km circuit

A slightly steeper walk leads to the 'Bonnes Fontaines' Sentier des Demoiselles and is approximately 9.5 km long. The path takes you through old chestnut forests to the abandoned village of Courbéfy. In the middle of the woods is a ruin of Courbéfy castle which dates from the Hundred Years' War.

A longer path is that of Sources de la Dronne. You go up to the Pierre Folle, which is a magnificent viewpoint. The walk is approximately 15 km long and partly on country roads.

For those who wish to roam for several days there is the large loop of the Périgord Limousin park.
The Great loop of the Périgord-Limousin Park (Dournazac) | Limousin - New Horizons (visitlimousin.com)

roaming by bike
Limousin Nouveaux horizon and the tourist office in St Yrieix la perche work a lot on the cycle loops in Haute Vienne. Some of these loops pass 3 km from La Jaurie. In particular the  RichardLionhert  cycling loop and the entants du pays loop are interesting.



Maps on site
You will find maps of these hikes and many others on site.
They are also available to download
Sources de la Dronne.pdf (tourisme-limousin.net)
Sentier des Demoiselles.pdf (tourisme-limousin.net)

Hiking - Pays de St-Yrieix Tourist Office (tourisme-saint-yrieix.com)

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