Food service on location

Limousin meals

During the high season we offer evening meals four times a week. The meals are prepared by us and with as many ingredients as possible from our vegetable gardens, adding local products. If you would like a meal outside the months of July and August, please contact us to look at the possibilities together.

Limousin cuisine is characterized by ingredients such as apples, nuts, chestnuts, Limousin breed of beef, lamb, cherries, pure spring water and of course the art of maintaining a fruitful vegetable garden.

all meals are by subscription only.

Our meals

Burger nights: Saturday and Sunday
Homemade burgers with or without fries. There is a choice between walnut burgers, lamb burgers or beef burgers. All accompanied by a seasonal salad. The lamb and nuts are from La Jaurie, the beef is from our village.

Shared Pizza Night: Wednesday
The pizzas are prepared in our kitchen and baked in the traditional bread oven. The oven is heated with wood about four hours before the evening begins. The pizzas are shared between the guests, except for those who prefer to enjoy a good pizza in front of their tent.

takeaway meal: Friday
The Friday evening meal content is variable depending on the abundance of the vegetable garden.

Prices (all meals are by subscription.)
Burger + salade + bread (walnuts, lamb or beef): €10,00
Fries 2,50€
Pizza: 10€
Takeaway meal: €15
Dessert: 5€